Asia 2005 Journey Day One
                                   Orlando, Florida to Houston, Texas 
                                            May 05, 2005: Vacation has finally begun.  Departure from Orlando was smooth and 
                                            uneventful.  Always appreciated when it comes to flying.  The flight included the rare 
                                            dinner - Cheeseburger and cheese with broccoli soup.  The two hour flight from Orlando 
                                            to Houston included a two hour movie entitled "Sideways".  A captured audience cannot 
                                            complain.  Mostly "choppy" flight due to incoming weather fronts.
                                            Arrival at George Bush Intercontinental included a quick stop at the airline club to stock up on
                                            peanuts and latest magazines.  Quick shuttle to the Hyatt Houston Airport for a good night's 
                                            sleep before tomorrow's long flight to Japan.  
                                            Key factor at this point - don't feel we forgot anything, such as turning off the iron at the
                                            house.  One main positive so far is that the luggage can fit in the overhead storage.  No
                                            baggage check in allows for the elimination of "wait anxiety".



                                           Travel specs:  Boeing 757-300
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