Asia 2005 Journey Day Twelve
                                   Xi'an, China
                                            May 15, 2005:  Overcast skies and warm.  Today was one of the highlights of the Asian tour - Terracotta
                                            Warriors.  The story is well known and shown in a 360 degree movie at the site where farmers digging
                                            a water well in 1974 discovered artifacts in their water bucket.  The "pit" of warriors were used by the ruler 
                                            for his afterlife.  It took 37 years to build the pits and equip it with terracotta warriors, commanders, generals, 
                                            horses, and chariots.
                                            The type of local clay allowed the artisans to craft warriors that sound like steel when tapped.  This has
                                            allowed pieces to remain that can be restored.  All "standing" warriors have been restored from pieces.
                                            In fact, following conquerors attempted to burn the pit which resulted in the support beams losing their
                                            strength and allowing the clay roof to cave in.  
                                            Only a partial amount of the warriors have been unearthed.  Much of this was to due to the fact that
                                            their original paint would oxidize within minutes after exposure to the light.  All warriors have unique
                                            faces and may have been modeled after the actual warriors.  The warriors were brightly painted and
                                            held hardware.  "Eighth World Wonder" may be an applicable term.






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