Asia 2005 Journey Day Fourteen
                                   Huangshan, China
                                            May 17, 2005: Warm with passing showers.  Finally, a chance to see and enjoy the country.  Our destination
                                            today is the Huangshan (Translated "Yellow") Mountains.  These mountains have been the subject of
                                            Chinese poems and artwork for millenniums.   
                                            This World cultural and natural heritage site is located about an hour and one half from the Tunxi town and
                                            Huangshan airport.  The drive to the mountains blends flowing rivers, rice fields, and tea bushes that extend
                                            vertically up the side of low level mountains.  Almost all the roads are new and have roadside landscaping
                                            of juniper trees and various bushes.  Additional upgraded highways are under construction and should reduce
                                            high velocity taxis and tour buses going through small villages.
                                            The Huangshan mountains contain sharp dark gray limestone formations that contrast with with low level
                                            white clouds.  One can easily see the inspiration for many an artist.  The pathways are extremely well 
                                            designed and kept in very good condition.  Most tourists use one of the two main cable cars to access the 
                                            summit.  Several hotels are located in the summit area and allows for quick hiking to see either sunrise or 
                                            sunset.  Our hike started in rain with misty fog followed by sunshine later in the afternoon.
                                            Supplies to snack kiosks, hotels, or weather stations are hand carried up the long pathways.  The old method
                                            of using a horizontal bamboo bar balanced by two stacks of goods seemed to be well used.  These suppliers
                                            had to negotiate space with the endless array of yellow or light blue capped tour groups.  
                                            Several along the trail said "hello" and smiled.  Seems the natural beauty tends to inspire a more hospitable 
                                            side with much laughing.   The fresh bright green of the bamboo trees contrasted with the older pine and 
                                            juniper trees.  Spring flowers were still blooming at the higher altitudes (includes Toni's "Rhodies").   One 
                                            could spend days here enjoying the endless hiking and new vistas around each corner.

                                            Yuping Cableway    Yuping Cableway    Heavenly Capital Peak

                                            Turtle Peak    Heavenly Capital Peak    Lotus Peak

                                      Turtle Peak    Stone Piller Peak    Heavenly Capital Peak    Above Yuping Station

                                            Stone Pillar Peak    Heaven Capital Peak    Heavenly Capital Peak

                                         Rhodie Blooms    Bamboo Spring Leaves    Brightness Peak (with Tourists)

                                     Huangshan Supplies    Rain Break    Peacock Tree


                                           Travel specs:  Daewoo Van and Yuping Cableway
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