Asia 2005 Journey Day Sixteen
                                   Guilin, China
                                            May 19, 2005:  Overcast and occasional showers. The gem of China is Guilin.  Our day included 
                                            visits to Fubo park, Elephant Trunk park, and for the delight of tourists for decades, the Reed Flute Cave.
                                            The city is smaller in scale to other visited cities and has a significant well treed promenade next
                                            to the Li river.
                                            Guilin is set among an endless string of mountains that seem to be spires next to the Li River.  Ancient
                                            artists have called these mountains "Dragon's teeth" spread about the land.  Our first stop included a 
                                            hike to the top of Fubo mountain for a overall view of the river and city.  The park is named after
                                            a well know warrior general.  From the peak, one could see the bamboo rafts crossing the river.  The
                                            next stop was Elephant park.  Again, another spire type mountain that has a section that  bridges over 
                                            into the river creating the appearance of an elephant drinking water.  Almost all mountains and cave 
                                            require a sense of imagination to see the various faces or characters.
                                            The highlight of today's trek was Reed Flute Cave.  Only known by the local residents until 1962.  Prior
                                            to this date, the cave was used as a hiding area from any enemy forces.  Once the local people were
                                            comfortable with the China government, information was provided to all about this marvelous creation.
                                            The cave has been enhanced with multi color lights and reflection pools.  The overall effect is one of
                                            endless awe.
                                            The afternoon ended with a visit to a tea tasting room.  Much was learned as to culture and procedures
                                            for properly preparing and serving tea leaves.  The small snacks that accompanied the tea were very
                                            tasty and some were very unique to the area.  One snack did not have an English translation and
                                            is made from a local fruitage.
                                            Guilin is very much alive at night with neon and colored lights on hotels, trees, pagodas, and bridges.
                                            A centralized pedestrian way leads from extensive shops and restaurants to a large public square.  A
                                            new hotel has a water feature presentation each night at 8:30 p.m.  It includes the largest man-made
                                            waterfall in the World.  The main water flow starts at the roof of the hotel and travels down the window
                                            side of the hotel.  Lights and other water features are located at the base of the hotel.  Obviously, it 
                                            makes for a tourist and local viewing tradition.
                                  Fubo Park Cave Engravings    Fubo Park Cave Engravings    Guilin Mountains
                                            Li River Shelters    View from Fubo Mountain    Hike Down from Fubo Mountain
                                                          The Fubo Park Peacock    The Fubo Park Peacock    General Fubo
                                                        Reed Flute Cave    Reed Flute Cave    Reed Flute Cave    Reed Flute Cave
                                                         Reed Flute Cave    Reed Flute Cave    Reed Flute Cave
                                                                Reed Flute Cave    Reed Flute Cave
                                                          Hotel Exterior Waterfall    Guilin at Night    Guilin at Night    
                                                          Guilin at Night    Guilin at Night   
                                           Travel specs:  Nissan touring car
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