Asia 2005 Journey Day Twenty
                                   Siem Reap, Cambodia to Koh Sumai, Thailand
                                            May 23, 2005:  Endless heat.  Early 7:00 a.m. start to visit Angkor Thom since most temples
                                            allow access at 5:30 a.m. and hopefully avoiding the midday heat. Angkor ("City") Thom ("Big") 
                                            was built after Angkor Wat and reflected the incoming Buddhist influence.  The Banyon temple
                                            within Angkor Thom was built as respect for battle victories and the carved reliefs recounted the
                                            accounts.  The area was the capitol complex in early history and each of the 50 +/- towers 
                                            represented the provinces.
                                            One could call Cambodia the "Poland of Southwest Asia" - between two major powers and suffering 
                                            conquests from both sides.  Cambodia for many centuries, including recent decades, has been challenged
                                            by either Thailand or Vietnam.  The Angkor Wat complex suffered a few bullet wounds from early 1980s 
                                            The area is located in one of the few forest areas and has elephant and monkey road crossings.
                                            On the main road, ancient grandstands decorated with elephants were still existing.  The walled
                                            city has five main entrance with elaborate statuesque entrances.  German and French governments 
                                            maintain a high presence with their collaborative Cambodia restoration work.  Though not a restored 
                                            complex, all of the stones were carefully marked and stacked in the perimeter area.  Also, one could still
                                            sense Anglia Jolie's presence from the filming of "Tomb Raider" movies on site. 






                                           Travel specs:  Siem Reap Airlines ATR-70, Bangkok Airlines Boeing 717
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