Asia 2005 Journey Day Twenty-One
                                   Koh Sumai, Thailand
                                            May 24, 2005:  Continuous Heat.  The Thailand beaches have the infamous white soft sand; however, the 
                                            build up of resorts and hotels was a surprise.  Despite the extensive foliage and flora, the scene could be
                                            the Caribbean or even Panama City, Florida.  Registered peddlers with red and numbered jackets have trinkets 
                                            or grilled items, including corn cobs.  Hard to imagine carrying a small grill in the unbearable heat.
                                            The Amari resort is truly reflective of Thai culture and landscaping.  Endearing smiles with outstanding service
                                            could be the benchmark for other worldwide resorts.  Either local musicians or attendants with lavender scented
                                            wet towels are always available.
                                            The tide is quite dramatic and the waters are quite warm.  Even the resort's pools are not refreshing due
                                            to high temperatures.  However, the full moon and an abundance of lighting made the resort magical at
                                            night.  The main restaurant is very much 4-5 star quality and provides vistas of the Thailand Gulf.


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