Asia 2005 Journey Day Twenty-Five
                                   Hong Kong, China to Orlando, Florida
                                            May 28, 2005:  Start of another hot day; however, homebound to another tropical area.  Time to settle
                                            in for the 18+ hour flight home via the direct flight to New York.  Should allow for viewing of movies 
                                            not normally visited at the theaters.  Since it's a long flight, the complimentary slippers will be used since 
                                            the regular shoes have not dried from the Hong Kong deluge.
                                            Japan, China, Thailand, and Cambodia were rich in history and culture unlike the short lived U.S.  Future
                                            news reports about these countries will forever "ring the ears".  Japan will continue with their conservative
                                            methods and China will continue with their quest to be the next super economic power.  Thailand enjoys 
                                            the tourist infrastructure and Cambodia has a long road ahead to secure their mark with peace.
                                            EXPO 2010 in Shanghai may be a future destination; however, the lure of the established Euro Continent
                                            is still hard to beat.  
                                           Travel specs:  Boeing 777-200 ER
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