Asia 2005 Journey Day Four
                                   Tokyo, Japan 
                                            May 07, 2005.  After a misty morning, the skies turned bright blue for exploring Tokyo
                                            The city has a very conservative style in dress and architecture.  Most buildings are 
                                            not dramatic and tend to follow the basic international box style.  Apartments are 
                                            abundant due to the high density living.  To quote one guide: Tokyo tends to be 
                                            a "vast, crowded, hyper-modern jungle of humanity".  
                                            Due to the ever changing weather, people have umbrellas as part of their ensemble.
                                            Most hotels and general buildings have "stalls" to lock up umbrellas at an entry.  Courtesy
                                            and much staffing is the rule in most restaurants and public locations.  Very rarely does
                                            one see a driver not using a turn signal.  
                                            Cost of living is significantly high and looks and feels like New York City.  Whereas the 
                                            city of New York has one main Times Square, Tokyo has an endless amount of streets
                                            and intersections with beyond human scale neon signs and lights.  Their dedication
                                            to cleanliness is well respected and appreciated.  
                                            Very little of the historic side remains.  Only pockets of gardens and temples can be 
                                            accessed.  The original Imperial Palace has restricted access. Most of the city is a rebuilt
                                            metropolitan area of post War construction.  It is a city well structured and well 
                                            represented in any material wants or needs.





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