Asia 2005 Journey Day Six
                                   Tokyo, Japan to Nagoya, Japan
                                            May 08, 2005: Warm and good weather.  First day to attend the EXPO 2005.  The theme is "The Wisdom 
                                            of Nature".  At least 129 countries have provided pavilions or set up large scale displays as part of regional 
                                            pavilions.  Many countries supported the EXPO theme; whereas many were showcases of their culture.
                                            The Romania pavilion included an operatic singer following by a folk marriage dance that was comedic
                                            in nature.  Each country attempted to decorate their interior with native colors or materials.  Holland was
                                            no exception with glazed blue and white tiles covering each wall.  Poland used basket weaving type
                                            material to cover the exterior.  

                                           EXPO 2005 Banner        Forest or Nature Walk Area


                                                            Poland Pavillion

                                                 Poland Pavillion    Lithuania Pavillion    Russian Pavillion

                                                 Ukraine Pavillion    Czech Republic Pavillion    Ireland Pavillion (Hibernia)

                                                            Romania Pavillion - Opera Singer    Holland Pavillion    Portugal Pavillion

                                                Holland Pavillion Interior    Morroco Pavillion Interior    Greece Pavillion

                                            Greece Pavillion Interior    Greece Pavillion Interior   

                                                                            Bulgaria Pavillion    

                                           Travel specs:  Japan Railway Shinkaseen Bullet Train, Japan Railway Regional Train
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