Asia 2005 Journey Day Seven
                                   Nagoya, Japan
                                            May 10, 2005.  Skies are clear and blue.  A full day at the EXPO 2005 is the scheduled
                                            event.  We returned to the Global Communities again and Pacific Asian pavilions were first.
                                            We completed some research at Thailand and Cambodia for next week's journey.  A real
                                            treat was New Zealand.  We discussed different hiking (or the New Zealand term "tramping")
                                            trails with the host.  However, due to our many questions, the pavilion host (Katy) invited us
                                            to their VIP lounge.  Almost all countries have a dedicated section for investment reviews or
                                            selected native visitors.  It provided a rare opportunity to experience their wines.  Next
                                            purchase back home will be a Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc.  The "Kiwis" have created quite
                                            a selection of very good dry white wines.  That, with awe-inspiring scenery, makes for a 
                                            delightful future visit.
                                            One enjoyable area was the Forest encounter.  Basically, it was a dedicated route through
                                            perimeter gardens.  Since the main objective for the post EXPO period is to restore the 
                                            grounds to a natural or garden state, the organizers have dedicated one area with pristine
                                            fountains, rivers, shrubs, and trees.  After each country removes their entire pavilion, interior
                                            and exterior, the garden area will grow to encompass these areas.  No doubt, the main
                                            Aichi prefecture buildings will remain.
                                            Overall, it would take days to enjoy each country and main pavilions.  Additionally, each
                                            country had a small restaurant or concession stand.  So, imagine a hyper-sized food and
                                            wine festival.  We finished the visit with Germany.  It was the only country to incorporate
                                            a roller coaster - very EPCOT like fashion.  
                                            Upcoming EXPOs include Shanghai (2010) and Korea (2012).


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