Asia 2005 Journey Day Eight
                                   Nagoya, Japan to Beijing, China
                                            May 11, 2005:  Time to depart Japan for Beijing.  The day was mostly traveling
                                            from Nagoya, Japan, to Peking Airport in Beijing.
                                            After a late night at the EXPO, we decided to somewhat sleep in.  The morning
                                            schedule was to visit the Nagoya Castle (dates to the 1600s); however, the train
                                            station coin lockers were completely used.  Another future visit item would be the 
                                            Meiji village.  It is an open air museum with original buildings relocated from many
                                            areas of Japan.  One item that piqued our interest was the recreation of Frank Lloyd
                                            Wright's Imperial Hotel lobby building.  Even though it survived massive early
                                            20th century earthquakes, it couldn't survive modern 60s architectural replacements.
                                            The city had a flower festival in progress and samples were staged at the train station.
                                            Additionally, two round hotel and office towers extend from the top of the station with
                                            a food court located on the 12th/13th floors.  One of the best Vie de France bakeries
                                            with extensive items not available in the States provided a surprising nice lunch. On 
                                            the subject of France, we met a wonderful couple from the Mauritius Island.
                                            A high speed, or "bullet", train from Nagoya reduces the return to Tokyo in just 2 hours
                                            and the schedule is a train every 10+ minutes during the week days.  A clear view of
                                            Mt. Fuji was available; however, the speed of the train didn't allow for long views.
                                            Japan has set the record for speed train travel and working on models for exceeding
                                            500 kph.  The actual record holder train was on display at the EXPO. 
                                            After returning to Tokyo, it was an effortless departure.  The Narita Express train arrived
                                            at Terminal 1 and ticket check in/security was very smooth.  In fact, we weren't sure if
                                            we weren't done.  Nice to keep on the shoes and coat during security. 
                                            The flight to Beijing was less than 4 hours and was via a new Northwest Air Bus 330.
                                            Included was the new massage seats.  One of the seat selections include an upper and 
                                            lower lumbar massage control.  That, with a nice meal, and watching the movie "Ray"
                                            made for a very non-domestic type flight.  Beijing's Peking airport was received a gloss
                                            or veneer of new marble and granite interior trim.  After a long wait at customs, we 
                                            enjoyed a hotel car ride into the city center.  Campus after campus of new office buildings
                                            and basically new architecture everywhere on a wide scale.  Hopefully, tomorrow some
                                            of the original or ancient China can be located.
                                                Nagoya City Center     Nagoya Castle    Nagoya City Center
                                            Nagoya Train Station Flower Festival    Nagoya Train Station Flower Festival    Nagoya Train Station Flower Festival    
                                                                            Japan Rail Shinkansen Bullet Train
                                           Travel specs:  Japan Shinkansen Bullet Train, Narita Express Train, Air Bus 330
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